S A Brain

Leading Welsh Brewer S A Brain was going through change,
including the sale of a division, leaving a long-term workforce
confused and uncertain.

egi:live worked with the Board to identify key issues, carried out
research to establish the communication gap between the Board
and workforce, and developed the agenda for an event designed
to enable everyone to work together to draw a line under the
past and focus on the future.

In a first event, directors told the story of the restructure and
sale, addressing many of the issues raised in the research.
Employees then worked together in a collaborative session to
develop ideas for the future of the company. egi:live continues to
support S A Brain in its plans for the future with research, events,
workshops and ongoing communication.

" egi:live gave us a structured solution which delivered
an innovative and engaging event culminating in a
major shift in employee perceptions, motivation
and engagement. "
SA Brain CEO


S A Brain improves its beer quality by starting a craft Brewery


S A Brain makes the perfect cup of coffee