Partner Meeting, Cyprus
Partner Meeting, Cyprus
Partner Meeting, Dubrovnik
Deloitte University Launch, Brussels
Deloitte University Launch, Brussels
Partner Meeting, Bratislava
Partner Meeting, Bratislava


egi:live have worked with various member firms of
Deloitte across Europe for over 10 years.

We have worked with CEOs and executive teams to develop
their leadership culture; used research and online surveys to
establish attitudes and employed appreciative and collaborative
techniques to enable partners to explore their ambition and
purpose together.

A wide range of events and campaigns have helped partners
develop the knowledge-sharing relationships, cross-border
collaboration, international networks and strong personal
connection to the strategy that have fuelled Deloittes
exceptional growth and performance.

" egi:live add value in so many ways. They helped us
break the mould. They created something interactive
where every participant had to be in the moment and
focus on the business. The response has been fantastic. "
Communications Lead for Deloitte


An in depth look at the value of Deloitte's University


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